How To Use Tags to Define Your Groups Page

Using tags to identify the different kinds of groups in your ministry will allow you to create organized website pages that will enable people to quickly identify community and personal growth opportunities.

Creating an organized Groups page begins in the Group Settings of your ChurchSpring website.

Step 1: Go to the settings area of your group 

After you have logged in to your website, click on the Groups icon in the Admin menu (long black navigational bar) on the left side of your website. When it opens, you will see any groups you have previously created. From there, click on the center of a group image to open that specific group and access the settings.

Step 2: Add tags

In the settings area of the group, click in the "Group Tags" cell and type a general word that relates to the topic of the group. Hit enter to add the tag and "Save Group" when you're done.

Step 3: Create a new Group page on your website

Once you have decided where you want to place your Groups page, click "Add A Page," enter a page title (such as Bible Study Groups or Ministry Groups), and select the Groups page style template. Click "Save & Continue" to open your new Groups page. Note that all public groups will be automatically displayed on the page by

Step 4: Add tags to choose which groups should be displayed

Under the page title, click on "Page Settings." This is where you will add the tags for the groups you want to be displayed on your website page. Once you click "save," only the tagged groups will remain on your page.

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