ChurchSpring Groups: Leader Accessibility

Your ministry groups have been created on your website, and the leader for each group has been assigned. So what kind of access does the group leader have to the church website for editing/updating their specific group? 

Let me show you...

1. Group leaders can see their public or private groups by clicking on their "My Profile," or...

2. Group leaders can see their group by clicking on the Groups template page when it is created on the website. Note that ONLY "public" groups will be shown on this page. For demonstration purposes, this image displays a group page called "Bible Studies." When a Groups page is set up, you will click on the website page to see a listing of the groups designated as "public."

3. Once the Groups page is clicked open, a group leader will have access to the page settings of their group when they hover their cursor over their specific group. Note the pencil (edit) and trashcan (delete) in the image below.

4. When the group leader clicks on the "Edit" icon, a window will open displaying the settings. Once the updates to this page have been made, be sure to click "Save Group".

5. Within the actual group page, a group leader has options not seen by the rest of the group...

  • ADD MEMBER - Group leaders can easily add members to the group through the "Add Member" button located on the right side of the screen. These members are selected from the People List in the website, so be sure that new members are added there first.
  • DELETE A MEMBER - If a member leaves the group, the group leader can hover their cursor over the person's name, and click on the "X" when it appears.
  • DESIGNATE GROUP LEADER - If the group leader needs to change (or add an additional leader), the group leader can hover their cursor over that person, and click on "Make Group Leader." There is a maximum number of 5 leaders within a group.
  • EMAIL MESSAGE - A group leader can send a basic email message to everyone within the group by clicking the "Message" button located on the right.

6. The group leader will want to personalize the group page by editing the first paragraph (of the public group page) so that it gives more information to interested visitors and current group members. The group leader can edit the group information by going to their My Profile>My Groups area and clicking on the group image.

An Admin can access that area in two different ways...

  • From the Group list-view page on the front of the website, click in the center of the image to open the page without editing the settings.
  • Or, login while you are on the actual Groups page.

Since these Group listings are "public," you will want to use the paragraph area to give more info about the Bible study so that any visitor to your site will know if this is a study they want to join. Some info you may want to include would be...

  1. What do they need to bring?
  2. Is there a book to order or other materials to obtain?
  3. Tell a little bit about the leader and his/her experience as a teacher.

What does a website visitor see?

When a visitor clicks on one of your group pages (ie: Bible Studies), they will only see the listing of the groups marked as "Public." If they click on one of the groups listed, they will see any information that is located in the text box for that page. The members of the group are not visible - just the group leader.

If the site visitor chooses to click "Request More Information," a window will open to collect their information, and an email will be sent to all of the group leaders.

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