Is ChurchSpring My New Domain and Email Provider?

ChurchSpring hosts your website files and file storage as many website hosts do; however, we do not host your custom domain files or email. 

So...what does that mean?

You will still need your custom domain provider for your domain (example: and email address (example: 

You can update your domain to point to your ChurchSpring website once you're a customer with us—we'll help you out with that process! We can update your domain for free or you can follow the steps to update your domain. We outline both processes here. Either way, our Customer Happiness Specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have!

Looking for an email provider that won't break the budget?  

  • Use your domain provider: Most registrars (the company where you purchased and host your domain) offer email hosting for a minimal monthly fee. 
  • Gmail: Google has a free email service for nonprofits. Learn more at There is an application process but most churches are able to qualify if they are registered as 501C3.

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