How To Set Your Directory Email to Work with Chrome

Chrome has created security measures so that you are unable to open email links on websites. 

Here is how to get around this issue so that you can email from your church directory email links...

Step 1

Click on the three stacked dots on the far right-hand side of your Chrome browser bar. When you do, a window will open and you need to click on the "Settings" option.

Step 2

Once the Chrome settings is open, click on "Security and Privacy."

Step 3

Next, click on "Site Settings."

Step 4

In the "Site Settings" area, you will need to look for "Additional permissions."

Step 5

Once you can see the additional permissions, select "Protocol Handlers" and open that option.

Step 6

Within Protocol handlers, select "sites can ask to handle protocols" and then DELETE your email handler from the list "not allowed to handle protocols."

When Step 6 is complete, you can close the settings area. Now go to your email tab in your Chrome browser.

Step 7

In your browser bar, click the icon that is displayed at the far right. Once you click this, the window will open asking you to allow to open all email links. Click "Allow." and the blue button "Done."

And you're done!

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