How To Add & Change Your Graphic Logo Size In Your ChurchSpring Website

Your ministry logo represents you... it is a huge part of your branding. 

Make sure it looks great on your website!

Follow the steps below to adjust your logo for the best look on your pages!

1. After you have logged in to your website, hover your cursor over the church name in the top left area of the homepage. A pencil (edit icon) will appear; click the edit icon.

2. A window will open and give you two choices: text logo or graphic logo. Click on “graphic logo.” 

3. In this window, you will first need to upload your logo by clicking on the "Select a Logo" button. The image library will open and you can easily upload your own logo image from your computer through the "Upload File" button.

4. Once the logo is uploaded, you will be able to see it on the website page. Click the toggle switch from "small" to "large" to see which version of the logo looks best on your website. You should be able to see your logo change right away.  Be sure to click "save".


  • What size should my logo file be before I upload it to the website? Since your website optimizes for mobile devices, you will want to make sure that your logo size looks good on your mobile view. Our team recommends that the logo file must be a rectangle .png file with a transparent background and dimensions of 65 pixels high by 300 pixels wide.
  • How can I size my logo easily? We like to recommend for free image editing needs. You can use the Canva Photo Editor ( to get your size perfect without stretching your image! 
  • I don't have a logo for my ministry. How can I create one? No Logo? No Problem! There are a few websites out there that will help you design a logo for free! Once again, Canva is one of them! You can walk through their Free Logo Maker at Another option is These tools can help you create a logo that represents your ministry and adds polish to your site! Loading a graphic logo is a website best practice for churches, especially those with lengthy names. You will love the clean look of your personal logo!
  • What about my logo on my member app? You can upload a separate logo for your member app in the Settings>App area of your website.

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