How Can Members Access the Directory?

Community is evident within a church when members are well-connected!

Your church directory is a huge part of helping members stay connected with each other. Nothing makes your day brighter than an unexpected card for your birthday or a phone call on your anniversary!

*Available on Flourish Plan Only.

Here is how to get your directory setup started!


  • The fastest way to add people to your Directory is to import them. We have a great article with the full step-by-step here!
  • You can also add individuals to your Directory by going to the People section of your Admin Menu and clicking the plus sign (+) on the far right. Complete the form and save


Some members may notice the "Login" button in the upper right-hand corner of your website and click on it. There is an option to request an account there.

If they click this option and complete the form, they still do not have access to your directory until an Admin approves them in the People area of your website. Their request will be evident by a red badge alert. Admins will also be notified via email of each new request.


Once a person is added or approved, they will be able to log in and access their profile and the church directory! Members of your directory will not be able to see the Admin Menu on the right-hand side.


Please be aware that anyone can request access to your directory, so Admin users need to "guard the door" carefully. DO NOT GIVE ACCESS TO PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW. It is not uncommon for hackers or bots to try to gain access to the directory to steal people's information. Click "decline" on any name that you do not recognize as being associated with your ministry, and for the safety of your personal email address, do not contact them at all.


  1. "Help! How can I prevent Non-Members from accessing the Directory? 
    • Your directory is secure through individual passwords. But if you would like to add non-members to your Groups feature, you can take an extra step in order to keep the member directory separate. To keep access to your Directory exclusive to members of your church you will want to turn on the password-protected page feature, and give members only the page password.  The instructions on how to do that are here: How to Set Up Password-Protected Pages in Your ChurchSpring Website
  2. "Is my directory information secure?"
    • Yes, as a website service company, online security is taken very seriously at ChurchSpring! We take great precautions to make sure that our customers are protected. 
  3. "Can I call people through the directory in the My Church by ChurchSpring App?"
    • Yes! You are able to use your ChurchSpring App to call people through the directory. You can make calls to individuals who have mobile phone numbers listed. The landline phone icon is currently not supported.

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