Maintenance Mode

Don't want to set your site live just yet? Need to make some updates?

"Maintenance Mode" is the solution you're looking for!

This feature comes in handy when you are in the process of updating your site, or for any reason you need to temporarily take your site down. Our new Maintenance Mode feature is easy to turn on and off when you are logged in as an admin.

Where is the Maintenance Mode feature located?

1. Log in to your website as an admin and click on the settings area located in the long black bar on the right side of your screen.

2. When you are in the settings, click on the Website tab and you will see the Maintenance Mode on the far right. You can then toggle the switch to "ON".

What will the website visitors see?

When you have the Maintenance Mode turned on, a pre-built page will appear (as seen below). This is how your site will appear to members/visitors who visit your site. As an admin, you can still log in (through the prompt at the bottom of the page) and continue working on your site as usual.


1. How can I migrate my information from my old site to our new ChurchSpring website? Maintenance Mode gives you the opportunity to keep views off your site while you work to transfer your information into your new site without them seeing it incomplete.

2. I already connected my domain, but my site isn't ready yet. What do I do? When you first access your site it is available through your subdomain and will not be easily searchable to visitors, but if your domain is connected then you can utilize Maintenance Mode until you're ready to bring your site live.

3. I'm bored with my old layout and want to give my website a complete overhaul, how can I do that without visitors seeing it at the in-between stages? It's always nice to have a site that reflects your ministry and ministries are always growing, we understand that, so Maintenance Mode is perfect for the times when you have to turn your site off to make those necessary updates and restructures!

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