How To Upload a Favicon

Whether it’s a favicon or an emoji, it seems like everyone loves to personalize with little, tiny graphics!

And what could be better than personalizing the tiny logo that sits in your website browser tab?! ChurchSpring has made it easy for you…

  • After logging in, go to the "Website" tab under Settings.
  • “Favicon” is listed among the options - Click on Favicon.
  • Click the “Upload a Custom Favicon” button and locate your favicon in your computer files and click on it. 
  • Please note: Files must be at least 64x64 pixels and either .ico or .png format on a transparent background.
  • Once loaded, you will see it in the example box, but it will not show up in the upper tab until you refresh the site.

Load your favicon today to add an even more polished and professional look to your church website!

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