How To Change Your Subdomain Name

Your ChurchSpring site is automatically set up in a subdomain, so you can update your website subdomain name before updating your custom domain.

Your subdomain is a default series of letters and numbers that is created when you become a ChurchSpring member. But what if you want to change that URL? Easy! Just follow these quick steps:

  • Log in to your ChurchSpring website
  • Click on Settings
  • The page will load to a “Website Domain Information” page. Type in your desired subdomain name in the “Sub Domain” text box. For example, you may prefer to use your Church Name such as

Click the “Check Availability” button to confirm that the subdomain is available. If it is not available, the subdomain text box will become outlined in red and you must choose a different subdomain.

Click  Save and you’re all set!


  • I just changed my subdomain name, why am I at Because your site just changed locations on the web, the system will kick you over to You will need to type your NEW subdomain name into your browser bar to go back to your website.
  • Isn't changing my subdomain name just as good as having a domain name? No, your subdomain is a perfect staging area while you work on your site. You want your domain name so that browsers will be able to find your site. When you are ready to go live, you can point your own custom domain name to your ChurchSpring site - we can help!

Helpful Videos

Watch ChurchSpring Live, Episode 002 to learn how you can update your subdomain name.

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