How Can I Log In to My ChurchSpring Website?

It's easy! As soon as you sign up for a new ChurchSpring website, you'll be automatically redirected to your new ChurchSpring website. 

Each ChurchSpring website is created on a subdomain-- Your subdomain website name has a default name of a series of letters and numbers. It will look something like You will also receive an email with your church URL and login information as soon as you sign up. If you do not see this email, please check your email "spam" folder.

Bonus tip: You can change the CS12345678 part of your subdomain name! Check out how in this article.

You can always log in to your ChurchSpring website at your subdomain by navigating to that URL and selecting the "Login" text button at the top right. That's it! Type in your email and password and you'll be ready to edit your new church website. 

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