How To Add (or Delete) Admin Users

Looking to add a few more people to help manage your church website? 

There are so many benefits to having multiple admin users for your site! Follow these instructions and assemble your website team!

Log in and go to your website Settings. Click on the tab that says "Admin." When you click the Admins tab, you should see the current listing of names and e-mail addresses of your website users. 

1. To add a new Admin, click on the button to the far right that says "Add an Admin."

2. Once you click that button, a window will open allowing you to add the new Admin's email address.  

NOTE: If you are making someone an Admin who is already located in the People section of your website, they should appear as you type their email address. Just click on their name in the drop-down window to add them.

3. Be sure to complete all of this information in the window since adding a new Admin to the website management area means that you are also adding that person to the People area - so be sure to follow all of the prompts. 

4. When all info is completed, click “Save.”

5. Each admin has their own "Permissions" area - so be sure to set that up! You can learn more at How To Set Up Admin Permissions.

6. The automated ChurchSpring system will send a “Welcome” email to the new user. This email will give them all the information they need to sign on and be a part of your website team!

Need to Change the Account Owner?

Just hover your cursor over the person who will be listed as the new account owner, and when the black box appears that says "Make account owner," click on that box!

Be sure to click on the confirmation!

After the Account Owner title is designated to a new Admin, be sure to click the trash can icon to delete any unwanted Admin account.

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