How to Set Up Admin Permissions

Isn't it wonderful when you have multiple volunteers to help with your ChurchSpring website? 💪🏽

But sometimes, not every volunteer needs access to every area of the website. That's when "Permissions" come in handy. 

With Permissions, the Admin/Owner can control the areas within the website that the website Admin team members can access. These areas are divided as follows: website, people, giving. messaging and settings.

If you are the website Admin Account Owner, here is how to set permissions for your website Admins...

1. Log in to your website.

2. Click on the "Settings"  icon on the left panel.

3. Click on the "Admins" tab to view the listing of Admins and the Account Owner.

4. To view the permissions area, click the pencil-edit icon on the right side of the screen for the Admin that you want to set up permissions.

5. You'll see 6 permission options: permissions, website, people, giving, messaging, and settings. Any Admin can enable/disable multiple permissions for themselves and other admins except for the account owner

6. Don't forget to click "Save," and you're done!

NOTE: If you're the Admin Account Owner, you can enable/disable multiple permissions of other admins, but your owner status automatically gives you access to all areas.

So, go ahead... add more volunteers as Admins on your website! 

To learn how to add a new Admin to your website team, take a look at the tutorial, How To Add Admin Users.

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