How To Configure Your Church Website for a Podcast

Set Up Your Sermons For Podcasting

Who doesn't enjoy a good podcast? Since ChurchSpring does not offer direct podcasting services, you will need to record any sermons or podcasts first. Then you can upload it to your website which can also automatically update to any podcast players once you've set that up! You can integrate your sermons uploaded to your website to any podcast player such as Apple Podcast or Google Play with the RSS feed that we offer.

Submitting the Podcast to Apple Podcasts

  1. Go to Apple Podcasts and log in using your AppleID
  2. Follow the steps in this article: Apple Podcasts Connection
  3. Find additional answers to your questions here: Apple Podcasts Help

Submitting the Podcast to Google

  1. Verify ownership in Google Podcasts Manager
  2. Follow the steps in this article:
  3. Submit your RSS feed found in your website Sermons settings and add /google/rss/ to the URL. For example,

Special Notes:

  • It may take a few hours or even a few days for Google or Apple Podcasts to sync your sermons to the podcast player.
  • The size of your artwork should be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels. 
  • Be sure to upload a JPG instead of a PNG. Apple says they support PNG, but JPG is way more widely supported!
  • If you need to update your sermon podcast artwork image, be sure to name the file a different name than previously so that the new file will be received as an update.


  • Why am I having a problem uploading my audio file? A common problem with uploading a file is that there should not be a period on the file name (except for the file extension-- such as .mp3). If you use any punctuation, you will need to only use an underscore _ . To resolve this issue, please rename the specific MP3s that did not update on your podcast to include a file name without a period, and then re-upload them to your ChurchSpring website sermons page.
  • Can I use my personal AppleID to create my iTunes Connect account? Our team recommends that you create a separate AppleID account for your church. Establishing a church account will allow it to function into the future if there are any changes in leadership.

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