How to Use the Email Messaging Feature

Good communication is "as stimulating as black coffee," and we are pretty confident that most of your members appreciate both!

With the Messaging feature, you will love communicating with your members, regular attendees, or even visitors right from your website!

*Available on Flourish Plan Only.

Where is the Email Messaging feature located?

Flourish plan members will find the option to email in the Settings bar on the left-hand side of their website. Simply click to open the page.

How does Messaging work?

Your Messaging feature works very similarly to email. (And this is just the beginning of what we are planning for this sure to stay tuned!) When you click on Messaging in your Admin Menu, you will see the window below. Select who you want to email, who you want the message to come from, your Subject line, and Delivery Date & Time. Then, type your email in the box to the right.

Once you create your email message, you have two options: 1) "Save As Draft" or 2) "Save and Schedule". The "Save As Draft" button will store your emails in the "Drafts" tab to review later and send when you are ready. The "Save and Schedule" button will send your emails as scheduled, either right away or at a later date and time. You can see your past emails in the "History" tab.

But Wait! Check THIS out first...

Communicating to your contacts is pretty exciting, but wait! Before you start sending those emails, be sure that your "People" list is up-to-date! You don't want to leave anyone out!

1) Update the Contacts in your People List - Check your People list regularly for new attendees that may need to be added or even previous members that need to be removed from your list.

2) Update the Individual Contact Information - As you go through the contacts listed in your People list, make sure that their "Status" is selected in the Contact Information section. This is key in sending group emails.

NOTE: Be sure to click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the screen if you made any changes to the contact information.

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