How Tags Can Organize Your Sermons & Series

Easily organize your sermons with sermon tagging!

Your sermons can be sorted based on a series, speaker, or even topic. Here is how you can make that happen...

If you have never added a sermon to your Grow or Flourish plan site before, you will want to start by watching this video for context.

 Once you understand the basic setup, here is what you will want to know about the sermon tagging area...

1.  ADD SERMON TITLE For clarity purposes, the Sermon Title should be different from a Sermon Series title.


3.  ADD SPEAKER NAME Once you enter the speaker's name, if it had been used before, the system will offer that name to you in a drop-down menu.

4.  ADD SERMON SERIES TITLE For a Sermon Series, you have two options... 1) Add a new series title and image <or> 2) Use a current series by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

5.  ADD BIBLE PASSAGE For adding Bible passages, you will want to spell things out (such as "Genesis 1:1" instead of "Gen. 1:1") since you don't know how your site visitor will search. It's best to have the complete title of the Bible passage entered into the information area.

6.  ADD SERMON TAG The information you place in this entire box will be the information the system will use for an actual search - except the date. To search by date, you will have to add the date as an actual tag (see image for sample idea). Do not add numbers only (ie: 2021) - a date tag must include the month written out (such as April 2021) with no spaces.

A note about adding tags... Since the system will include the title and speaker in a search, you will not need to create a tag that includes that information.


To search for an entire year of sermons, you can edit your URL in your browser bar for an easy search. To do this, add the bolded info to your URL: .com, etc.)/sermons/ tag/year/2020/ Whichever year you are searching for, add that year to the end of the URL.

Once your sermons are updated on your website, your visitors will have two different viewing options... they can choose to view a listing of all sermons, or they can view them by sermon series.

If you have already loaded multiple sermons, be sure to go back and add the extra information for the tags or sermon series. 

Your site visitors will love the ability to find quickly the sermon they want! 

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