Manage Your Pages With the Sitemap

Are you wasting a ton of time looking for that page you created just the other day? Do you need to move a whole page from one menu to another? Have a page you are working on but don’t want people to access yet?

With our Sitemap editing feature, you can successfully manage these tasks and more!

A basic Sitemap is located in the footer of each page for people to see the main menu items located in the navigation menu. But as an Admin, you need to view ALL your pages in one easy-to-access Sitemap page. 

Accessing the Sitemap Page

This editable Sitemap can be seen when you log in to your ChurchSpring site and scroll down to the footer of the page. 

  • Look for and click on the “Manage all pages” link under “Sitemap.”
  • This link opens up a page called “Sitemap,” a page completely dedicated to helping you edit the other pages on your website. 
  • From here you can change the name of the pages, delete pages, move pages to make a new main menu or sub-menu, or turn them into a nested page.

Editing Pages

  • To edit the name of the page, simply click on the pencil icon to the far right of the page name.
  • To delete a page, click on the trash can icon to the right of the pencil icon.
  • To move a page up and down in the list, use your cursor to hold down on the "grab bars" (three horizontal bars) to the left of the page name, drag and drop the page up or down in your list, or even drag it under a different main menu altogether. When you drag a page that has nested pages linked to it, all the pages move with it.

Moving Nested Pages

You can also turn a page into a Nested Page by moving it to the third position on the right. In other words, the far left position is where your main menu pages live. The second position to the right is where your sub-menu pages live. Any pages that are in the third position to the right are nested pages and will NOT be displayed as a main or submenu item. This is a great way to “hide” a page that you are working on. Create a nested page, then move it over into the main or sub-menu position when you are ready for people to view it.

You can also "hide" pages that don't need to be associated with one of your main menu areas by dragging them under the HOME section. 

There you have it! If you have any more questions about this or other features on your ChurchSpring site, send us an email at

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