ChurchSpring Giving: How to Create and Send Donor Giving Statements

 ChurchSpring Giving makes it easy for you to print (or email) a giving statement for each of your donors.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Where to Access Giving Statements
  2. How to Email Giving Statements
  3. Personalizing an Email
  4. How to Print Giving Statements

Where do I access giving statements?

There are three different areas on your website where you can print the giving statement.


1.  Start by logging in to your ChurchSpring website and clicking on the ChurchSpring Giving icon.

2.  On the Giving dashboard, you will see an option called "Giving Statements." When you hover your cursor on these words, a drop-down menu will appear.

3. The drop-down menu will give you the choice to either email statements or print statements. You can also choose the date range of the statements you want to


Another area where you can print the Giving statement is within the People area of your website.

1. When you are logged in to your website, go to the People section from the Admin menu on the left side.

2. Select a person, and click the Giving tab to view their personal giving dashboard.

3. Using the drop-down menu under "Giving Statements," you can print or email the giving statements. In the cell above the statement area, be sure to set the date range for what you want to print.


The third area where you can print the giving statement is within the My Profile area. This is the area that is accessible to your members.

1. The drop-down menu will give you the choice to either email statements or print statements. You can choose the date range of the giving statements that you want to send or print.  


After clicking "Email Statements" from any of the above sections, a window will open showing the email message. 

  1. Select the date range for the statement that you want to send.
  2. The email content is editable, so be sure to add any additional info that you want to send as part of your email. You can either edit the email template within your Giving Dashboard or in the People area.
  3. Once you send the email, the recipient will be sent their giving statement with a link at the bottom of the email. This link is their access to their specific giving statement.


If you want to give your email a more personal touch, there are tags located at the bottom of the window that can be placed into your content. To add dynamic content, follow these steps:

  1. Choose where you want to add a dynamic content tag and make sure your text cursor is there.
  2. Click the tag you want to add from the options below the text box. This will add dynamic content for the recipient. For instance, in the image below, I want to include the recipient's first name at the end of the first sentence, so it would read: "Your giving statement is ready, [First Name]." When the recipient opens the email, they will see their first name in place of the tag.


1. When you select "Print Statement," a window will open and you will be able to select the date range for the statement that you want to send. 

2. Once you click "print statements," your printer dialog window will open, and a preview of the statement(s) will appear. (Please note that the sample image below may differ depending on your computer and your printer setup.) If your setup allows, you will be able to save the statement(s) as a PDF.


  • I use a third-party giving provider for my online giving on my website. Will I be able to see reports for the giving made through my website? Giving statements are only available for ChurchSpring Giving users. If you have linked your Give button to another payment platform, please refer to that system for your statements.
  • Help! My printed document does not line-up correctly! What should I do? Since your printer's default setup will dictate your print results, you may need to make some adjustments in the Print Preview. Click on "More Settings," "Margins," and change it from "Default" to "Minimum." 

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