ChurchSpring Giving: How to Donate with ACH Bank Transfers

Using ACH (Automated Clearing House) bank transfers allows you to donate online without higher card processing fees!

  1. Where to Start
  2. Verification Process
  3. Recurring Gifts
  4. Processing Fees

Where do I start to set up the ACH option for giving?

1.  Start by clicking the Give button at the top right of your ministry's website. This will either direct you to a new page with more information or give you a pop-up window to fill in your donation information.

2. Within the giving window, enter your first & last name and email, then select the bank tab to begin the ACH setup. Click on "Connect Your Account" if you have not set up ACH transfers previously. 

3. A new window will open with additional information required in order to set up your bank (ACH) donation.

You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Account type: Individual or Corporate
  • Account Name
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Confirmation of Account Number

4. When all information is entered, click on "Add US Bank Account." You should be taken back to the Giving window that now has a note that a verification code will be sent to your bank account within the next 1-2 business days.

5. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you entered. This email will contain your login details. Once you receive this code in your bank account, you will use your credentials to log in to the website. Once you are logged in, hover over your name and click on My Profile>Giving>Payment Methods in order to add your verification code.

Here is an example of the confirmation email for a new account.

How do I complete the verification process?

1. The account verification comes in the form of a small deposit from ChurchSpring to the bank account that you connected. This can take up to 48 hours to show up in your account. You will need the 6-letter descriptor code that is shown with the deposit.

2. Once you receive the verification (descriptor) code from your bank, go back to your church website and log in using the login details that were emailed to you. Once you are logged in, you will click on My Profile>Giving>Payment Methods in order to add your 6-letter verification code. 

3.  Enter the descriptor code into the cell and click "verify." The descriptor code will be a series of 6 letters at the beginning of the transaction description (see sample below). Note: You will have 3 attempts to validate this information. If the maximum number of attempts to verify your bank account information has been met, please contact Stripe Support for additional assistance.

4. Once the account is verified, you can make your first donation! In your "My Profile" area, you will have to ability to set up recurring gifts or one-time gifts.

How do I create a recurring gift?

In your "My Profile" area, you can create a one-time payment, or set up your donations to happen regularly as a recurring gift. 

1. Under the Giving tab, click Recurring Gifts and select Frequency. A drop-down menu will allow you to select recurring and the option of weekly or monthly.

2. If you choose "weekly," you will need to also select the day of the week.

3. If you choose "monthly," you will need to select the day of the month.

4. Once your setup is complete, click on the Give button and you will see a confirmation that your giving was successful.

5. NOTE: If you need to edit your recurring gift setup, simply click on the pencil editing icon in the recurring gifts listing, or click the trash can icon to delete the gift setup.

When you click the pencil, a window will appear and you will be able to edit your recurring gift.

What is the ACH Processing Fee (or transfer fee)?

The bank fee for using ACH is based on the amount that you give. ChurchSpring does not add any additional fees. 

Processing fees are as follows:

  • $0 to $624 - .8% (0.008 X gift amount = processing fee)
  • $625 and up - $5 maximum fee


1. "Can I add a second bank account option?" Yes! You can connect another bank account in the My Profile section when you click on Giving>Payment Methods. On the right-hand side, you can click the "Add Payment Method" button and follow the steps (see image below).

2. "Where will I be able to see a list of the amounts that I have given?"  To see your Giving History, log in to your account, and click on My Profile>Giving. The Giving History tab is on the right. When you click it, you will be able to see a list of your giving based on the dates that are selected in the calendar area on the right. 

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