How to Contact Support

When you signed up for your ChurchSpring website, our team didn't simply disappear and leave you on your own!

No question is too big or too small! 

To contact our Customer Success Team, simply email us at or select the "?" icon in your ChurchSpring website (bottom right corner). 

- When you click the "?" you can easily browse our Help Library right within your website, or you can select the "Ask" tab and select "Email" to send an email directly to our Support team! 

- When you write up the issue you are experiencing, please be as detailed as possible. The more details you can give us, the better chance we have at quickly answering your question! Please provide any specific URLs, screenshots that show the issue, and even which browser you are using. 

- If you send in a question to our team via the "?" icon on your website, you can always click the "?" icon and select "Previous Conversations" to view previous conversations.

- Our team will respond to you via email and you can communicate back via email.

Other Avenues To Reach Our Team

ChurchSpring 101 Weekly Training: Our support team has a free weekly group Zoom training session called ChurchSpring 101. This time is very valuable if you want to ask our team members a question in person! You can join the training as many times as you want! Take a look at our training calendar, and pick a time that works best for you to attend.

Domain Setup Call Link - Click here to schedule a 30 min video call when you are ready to point your domain name.

Support Call Schedule - Need a phone call to talk through an issue? Schedule a time that is good for you:

ChurchSpring 800 Number - 1-800-947-0883 - Feel free to give us a call, but you may need to leave a message if we are with another ChurchSpring member!

We love to serve the church! Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm Central Time.

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