ChurchSpring Giving: Admin Set Up

Your ChurchSpring website comes with the ChurchSpring Giving platform available in all plans... at no extra cost to you! Follow these steps from start to finish to set up ChurchSpring Giving.

Note: you must set up your Stripe account AND activate the Give button on your website for visitors to begin donating online.

Step 1 of 2: Set Up Your Stripe Account

Step 2 of 2: Activate The Give Button

When you are logged in to your website, hover your cursor over the Give button in the upper right corner of your site and toggle the button from OFF to ON.

Once your Give button is "ON," click the gear icon next to the on/off toggle. This will open a window giving you three options for Giving.

Dedicated Page

This option will direct donors to a dedicated Giving Options page within your website. On this dedicated page, you will need to replace any existing links with your new Giving Button. This article shows you How To Add A Giving Button Anywhere.

External Site

This option allows you to send visitors to a 3rd-party donation platform. When the donor clicks on the Give button, they will proceed directly to the Giving provider of your choice through the URL link. Be sure to check the box if you want to open the external Giving website on a new tab. Learn more about setting up a 3rd-Party Payment Provider here: How To Setup Online Giving to Your 3rd-Party Provider.

Global Pop-Up

This option allows visitors to give from any page on your site via a simple pop-up window. 

3) Always click the "Save Changes" button. 

A Note on Deposits

Once your first donation is made through your ChurchSpring Giving platform, the first deposit/payout processed by Stripe may take 7-14 days. After that, funds will be deposited into your bank every 2 days.


  • Where exactly is the Admin side of Giving located? You can get started by clicking on the "Give" icon located in the left-hand side navigational black bar.


  • Once we have our Giving setup, can we run test transactions through it? There is no "test" credit card for you to create a fake transaction. Everything in your Stripe account is live. Our team has already done extensive testing of the platform for you, but many of our churches ask their staff or other leaders to test it out with a small donation as well.
  • Does the giving platform allow cash gifts to be entered? Yes! You can enter cash or check gifts through the Admin section of your website.
  • Does the giver have to create their profile first, or is it a part of the giving transaction? When a donor is giving for the first time, the system will guide them through the setup as part of their donation process and they will receive an email with their login credentials. The donor will be able to create recurring gifts and update their giving as desired. 
  • Is the giving module also part of the Church App? Yes! Your members can give through the member app!
  • Does the system create year-end giving reports? Yes! You can easily add the parameter dates and print giving statements from your website.
  • What if I already have a giving provider other than ChurchSpring? You can easily link to any 3rd party giving provider - just take a look at this help article: How to set up online giving to your 3rd party provider.

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