How To Create A Slider

    Your ChurchSpring website comes with beautiful sliders in place! 

    But what if your site needs an additional attention-getting slider? Or what if you need to delete an old slider and change the template? Answers to these questions and more are here!

    • Upon logging-in to your ChurchSpring site, you will see your sliders on the home page. As you move your cursor over the slider, the pointing arrow will become an I-beam revealing the editing box. You have your choice to edit (pencil icon), or delete (trash icon) the slider.

    • If you chose to delete the slider, you can easily create a new one in just a few steps. Under the slider editing box, you will see several options. The first one says “+ add slide.” Hover your cursor over those words and multiple slider templates will appear. Note that some of the designs have an action-step button, while others do not. Some have a place for a photo, while others are simply text. Click to choose your slider based on your purpose.

    How Do I Setup My Slider?

    Setting-up your slider is a breeze! Follow these steps based on the slider design that has both a place for a photo and an action button.

      • Place your cursor in the large text box and click to start typing your simple message. A brief explanation of your topic can be typed in the smaller box underneath.
      • Your action button should be titled. When you place your cursor over the button and click, your cursor will automatically be positioned in the center of the button. Type your button title with a “call to action” (i.e.: contact us, sign-up here, register now, etc.). Don’t forget to set your link for your button! When you click on the link icon, the box that opens has multiple options. You can link within your website or externally. Click “save” when the link is completed.
      • Next, load a relevant picture by clicking the “select image” icon. This will open another window in which you can upload an image file from your computer or our ChurchSpring library.
      • Once your slider information is complete, click “save.”

    More Design Options

    • Next to the option to “+add slide,” you are given three more ways to personalize your homepage- background,  color, and reorder slides.

    • Adding a background image includes option to load a video as your background. You can access this setting by hovering over “background,” and clicking “custom image.” “Video” is the second option at the top of the open window. When you click on Video, another window will open prompting you to load a YouTube link to your video. This area is designed to integrate with YouTube links only.

    • Color is an important part of your website. This little box gives you options that fit within your design color palette, or allows you to create your own color. The opacity slider can be used to darken the background so that your sliders pop.

    • The last choice in the editing list is “reorder slides.” This allows you to choose which slider will appear first to visitors to your site. It can highlight a special coming event, or give a warm welcome! You can adjust them by clicking and dragging to the place (order) you want them to appear.


    • What size should the image in my slider be? The slider images are all sized the same - a perfect JPEG or PNG square  (ie. 1000px x 1000px <or> 500px x 500px) . The best way to ensure that the images remain oriented correctly is to use a graphics software (such as Photoshop) or a free online service like ( You will then be able to view the photo "as is". Just make sure that you have some margin for the circle cut-off.

    Helpful Videos

    Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 006 to learn how you can add and edit your home page sliders! You can jump ahead to 52:56 in the video to see the live demo. 

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