How To Download and Use Your Church Member App

We all use the term "app" commonly, but do we really understand what it is? Knowing the expectations and goals of the My Church by ChurchSpring app will help you to understand and use it better!

What is an App?

The word app is short for "application" and refers to software that is built to meet a specific need or function. In this case, it is a tool for church members to have the most important info they need from their church website at their fingertips. The My Church by ChurchSpring app is a "global" (versus custom) app built the same for all ChurchSpring members. However, when you've set up the app, it will reflect your church's specific branding and content. The app is not just an easy way to link your members to the church website. It has a unique purpose all its own!

What is the benefit of the ChurchSpring App?

One of the biggest challenges can be to effectively communicate with your members about upcoming events, available sermons, and giving opportunities. Your members need a go-to place to stay connected that is easily accessible. And church leaders need a tool that doesn’t cost a ton of money or take up extra time! When your members download the mobile app into their phones, they will have access to the following:

  • the latest sermons posted to your site 
  • the listing of your staff members
  • upcoming calendar events 
  • opportunity to give
  • church directory

The church app is seamlessly integrated with your ChurchSpring website, so you don’t need to update content in multiple areas! 

How do I access the app?

  • Step 2: Once you download the app into your phone and open it, you will see a description of the app. Click the black "Continue" button and type in your church name in the search function.

  • Step 3: From the listing, select your church by tapping on it. Tap the black "Continue" button to open your church app. The menu area on the left of the screen will allow you to log in to your church directory. 

Additional Admin Notes...

  • Updates that you make to your website sermons, events, staff, giving or directory will be reflected in the app.
  • Members can update their profile picture in the settings area of the app, but all other admin updates must be done on the actual website.
  • By default, the app uses the logo from your ChurchSpring website. Since your logo may need an adjustment for the app view, there is an "App Tab" that is located in the settings area of the site. It will allow the users to upload a logo that will be used exclusively for the app. 


  1. Why can't I see all of the drop-down menus from my website? Keep in mind that the app is not your actual website. The mobile app is connected to but different than your website. It is designed specifically to enhance communication with your members. The mobile app is not a replacement for your mobile website—it's an additional tool.
  2. The app loaded great on my phone, but when I loaded the app on my iPad, I can't view it correctly. What is wrong? At this time, the app is built for your phone only. Be sure to add your feedback requesting an iPad version of the app to the Public Roadmap.
  3. My sermons will not show in the app. How can I fix that? Sermons in the app come from the Sermons page style template on your website. This template is only available to those sites on the Grow or Flourish plans. Upgrading to the Grow or Flourish plan from the Sprout plan will give you the format to add sermons so that those sermons appear in your church app.

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