How To Use the Design Center

Does Your Website Need a Branding Tweak?

Your beautiful website comes complete with a default color palette and font settings, but you may need the freedom to tweak these in order to match your desired church branding.

Meet... the Design Center!

    Once you login to your website, you will see the access to your fonts and color palettes on the right side of your screen. It looks like a tiny square document with a gray box around it:

    Simply moving your cursor over the gray box will open the design center. By clicking on the arrows located on the sides of the fonts or color palettes, you will be able to see a variety of fonts and color options.

    The beauty of colors that complement each other is ready for your immediate use - - no stressing over a crash course in design school! Click any of these choices, and the change will be applied to your entire site. No need to go page-by-page and change the font or colors. Yay!

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