Add or Remove Sections With Blocks

The Blocks Feature is right up there with fried chicken and church potlucks. It simply makes life that much better!

Blocks enable you to add as many templated sections, or blocks, as you want to your website page. Choose from over 10 different templated Blocks, such as Map, Contact Form, Sermons, Events, Text Blocks, Headline Blocks, or Text/Image Blocks.

While your ChurchSpring site already comes with ready-to-go templated Page Styles, you now have the option to add new Blocks (or remove existing Blocks!) on that page to highlight events, integrate sermons, or include an easy way to add an image next to a paragraph.

Getting Started: When you add a new page, you can start with a Blank Template and build your own Page Style with unlimited Blocks or you can start with a Templated Page Style and add a Block or two to complete your vision and needs.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to add a Block.
  2. Identify the area on your page where you want to add a Block. Tip: Once you add a Block, you cannot move the position of that same Block on your page.
  3. Click the Plus icon
  4. Select a Block template from the Block Template Library
  5. Your selected Block will then automatically upload, and you can start editing just like you would any other content on your site. Tip: Click here to learn how you can edit text anywhere on your site
  1. Place your mouse over the Block you want to delete until you see the Block Toolbar appear in the top left corner
  2. Click the Trash Can Icon
  3. When prompted, “Are you sure you want to remove this block?” click Yes. Once you delete a block, you permanently delete the block and its content.
  1. Changing the visibility of a block is a great way for you to update your site without making it public to your website visitors. The Hide Feature enables you to hide a Block from your website visitors. Website Admins are still able to view and edit the Block—it’s perfect for those moments when you are waiting for approval, content, or a specific time.
  2. Place your mouse over the Block you want to hide until you see the Block Toolbar appear in the top left corner
  3. Click the Eye Icon to make a Block publicly visible
  4. Click the Crossed Out Eye Icon to hide the Block from the public. Once hidden, that Block will appear grayed out and a pop-up window will appear confirming that the Block is hidden from visitors.
  1. Place your mouse over the Block you want to edit until you see the Block Design Toolbar at the bottom of the selected Block
  2. Click Background
  3. Select Custom
  4. Image: Browse the ChurchSpring Image Library or your own Library and click an image to insert it into the background.
  5. Video: Click the Video tab and add a video URL. Be sure to also select an image from the ChurchSpring library or import your own for mobile or desktop while the video loads.
  6. Further customize the background by adding a Color Overlay in front of the background image to make it easier to read the text.
    1. Click Color on the Block Design Toolbar and select any color swatches from your site’s Theme Colors or add your own color in the Color Selector.
    2. Drag the slider to change the opacity, or transparency, of the selected Color Overlay

Sometimes the font color can be difficult to read if it blends into the background color or video. Easily toggle between a dark or light font color to make your page stunning and easy to read!

  1. Place your mouse over the Block you want to edit until you see the Block Design Toolbar at the bottom of the selected Block
  2. Click Color
  3. Select the black circle or the white circle to change the font color

Have fun with Blocks! Customize your website with unlimited blocks and stunning templates.

  • Want to see the blocks feature in action? Check out this ChurchSpring Live video episode as we walk you through how to use Blocks on your church website
  • Have questions about how to use Blocks? Send our Support Team a Ticket and we’ll help you out! Log in to your site, click the green question icon in the bottom right, and send us a message!

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