How To Use the Contact Form Template

The Contact Form template in your new page setup (and blocks) is almost identical to your Contact Us page, but the options for using it are endless! 

Where Do I Find the Contact Form Template?

As A New Page
  • Log-in to your site, and decide where you want your form located. If you want to add a form as a page, you will want to click on the "Add A Page" option in the navigational bar.
  • Create your contact form title and select the Contact Form style as seen below. Click "Save & Continue."


The other area that you can create a Contact Form is in Blocks. 

Edit to Fit Your Needs
  • The text on the Contact Form is editable - so make it fit your needs! Below, you can see the default text. Simply clicking the editing icon opens the box for you to make changes. Be sure to click "Save" when you are done!

Set the Email to Receive the Form
  • The next step you'll want to take is to edit the form settings. A simple click on "form settings" will open a text box as seen below.

Here you have the freedom to do the following:

  1. Add as many (or as few) email addresses for the contact form to alert. Simply list each email address separated by a comma.
  2. For the Contact Form in a PAGE (not blocks), be sure to click on the "show map" box if you want the map to show; or click it off if it would not be appropriate for your form.
  3. Enter the default email subject of your choice.
Say Thank You!
  • Your last step is to personalize the Thank You page that guests will see once they complete your form. The Thank You page can be accessed by adding /thank-you/ at the end of your text in your address bar (also called your URL bar). Example:
  • The Thank You text box (as seen below) can be edited to reflect the purpose for which you created the form. People like confirmation, so be sure to let them know that they completed the form and you will be in touch!
  • NOTE: this option is not available in the Blocks template- that "thank you" is generated by the system as a modal window.

You might be surprised by the many ways your church can use a contact form to increase communication in your church! 

Helpful Videos

  • Watch Contact Page Form and Contact Form Block for a short demonstration of how to set up and use Contact Forms on your website.
  • Watch ChurchSpring Live, Episode 001 to learn how you can update your contact form and even create a custom page such as a Prayer Request page with the Contact Page Design. You can jump ahead to 38:25 in the video to see the live demo.

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