How To Setup Online Giving to Your 3rd-Party Provider

ChurchSpring has a great giving platform, but if you already have a giving platform you love, setting up online giving to use your 3rd-party provider doesn't get easier than this!

ChurchSpring supports all giving services on the web! Our flexible giving page allows you full customization and setup can be accomplished in just seconds. Since we integrate with all giving providers, all you'll need is an embed code from your giving platform or a simple link to your giving/donation page. 

Follow these simple steps to get your giving service connected to your ChurchSpring website.

Step 1: Turn on your Give button

  1. Log in to your ChurchSpring website.
  2. Hover over the "give" button at the top right of your screen.
  3. Click the toggle button to turn on the button.

Step 2: Set up your Give button

Once you toggle on your Give button, click the settings wheel next to the toggle to choose where the button will direct users.

Option 1: Dedicated page

Choosing this option will automatically create a page at You can edit that page to include any information on your giving platform as well as a link or button to take users to your giving site. Learn more about those options here.

Option 2: External Site

Add a link to your Give button that will direct users to your 3rd-party giving platform. You can also select if that link will open in a new window.

Option 3: Global Popup

This option is only available if you are using ChurchSpring Giving.

Step 3: Activate in the app

If your ministry uses the MyChurch by ChurchSpring app, you have two options to connect your 3rd-party giving in the app.

Option 1: Use Your Dedicated Page

If you chose Dedicated Page in Step 2, your Give link in the app will automatically direct to that page on mobile browsers.

Option 2: Create a Give Page

If you chose External Site in Step 2, you can still manually create a hidden page titled Give that will automatically connect to the Give link in the app. Note: this page must be named Give in order to connect in the app.

Once that page is created, you can edit it to include any information on your giving platform as well as a link or button to take users to your giving site. Learn more about those options here.

Alternatively, you can create a URL redirect in your Admin Settings to direct app users straight to your 3rd-party giving platform. The redirect should start at and forward to your external giving link.

Dedicated Page Options

If you choose to create a Give page on your site, you'll need to edit the pre-populated text with your church's giving information, whether that's online, text, or mailing instructions—or all three!

  • Access your online giving link via your Giving Platform. Not sure how to find your online giving link? Reach out to your giving provider's Support or check out these quick links below for some popular giving providers:
    • You will need to access your quick link. The format will look like this with your church's ID number at the end. You can also find your church ID and quick link by logging into your account and selecting "Website Giving"
    • PayPal: Create a unique PayPal Giving Link and add it to your website. Follow these instructions to access your specific PayPal Giving link.
    • Givelify: Click here to access your Givelify online giving link.
  • Add your online giving link to your website using one of the methods below:

Option 1: Simply create a hyperlink to any text that you want to direct to your online giving link. Click here to learn how to create a hyperlink.

Option 2: Add a button that matches your website design linking to your online giving link. Click here to learn how to add a button to your website.

Option 3 - Advanced:  If your giving platform provides an embed code for your online giving, copy the embed code and navigate to your ChurchSpring Give Page. Select the code view (it looks like </>) on your text menu toolbar and paste the embed code wherever you want to add the form. Toggle out of the code view to see your embedded content.

Hit the Save button and you're all set!

Tips & Tricks

  • Add a home page slider linking to your Give Page to increase visibility! Learn how to edit your home page slides here.
  • Add a block on your home page or other inner pages linking to your Give Page to direct people to your giving options. Check out how to use blocks to customize your website page.
  • Your Give button will appear as a button on desktop devices and will automatically change to live within your main menu navigation on mobile devices. Pretty sweet! That way, website visitors can always easily navigate your website no matter which device they are using and won't be distracted by any strange formatting or floating buttons.

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