How To Create A Blog Post

Did you know that there is value in posting a Blog?

Your church Blog can be a huge boost to your website SEO! ChurchSpring has designed your website to contain a blog (called Updates), but you get to decide how to utilize it! Here is how to start...

  • Once you are logged in to your site, click on the word “Updates” in your navigation bar. This will open the main blog page which will eventually display all of your posts.

  • You will want to personalize the opening paragraph - let guests know what to expect in this area.
  • Click on the button that says Add Blog Post and you will see a new box open for your post.
  • Within this window, you will create your blog post or update. Start by choosing an image that reflects your topic. Add your Blog Title and Author. The Author does not have to be the Moderator.
  • Any comments made about the blog will not be live until they are approved by the moderator. You will designate an Admin to receive the emails from any comments that are made on the post. That Admin will need to log in and approve the comments for them to be viewable by other website guests. If the comments are not appropriate, they can be deleted by the moderator.
  • Choosing an advanced "Publish Date" will allow you to schedule blog posts in the future. They will not appear on the website until that date, and when they do, the newest post will always sit at the top of the listing.
  • Once you have completed adding your content, don’t forget to hit save!

Special Note...

  • If you are on the Flourish Plan, you will be able to create a blog post on your Facebook or Twitter account without ever leaving your website! 

What Are Other Options for Using the Blog Format?

Perhaps your church leadership is not interested in pursuing the idea of a blog. Not to worry - there are other ideas for this template. Calling your blog “Updates” opens the door for much variety in the blog section of your website. Here are a few suggested page ideas:

  • Pastor’s monthly sermon series article
  • Book reviews for the whole family
  • Photos and an article about the latest church event
  • Weekly church bulletin or newsletter
  • Ministry program leadership update post

The ideas for using your blog section could be endless - think “outside the blog” and create something great!


  • What is the fastest way that my site visitors can find my latest Blog? Your ChurchSpring website will automatically post your most recent Blogs into the footer of your website. Anytime you add a new Update/Blog to your site, the latest post will show in this list. Note: If you have removed your Blog/Updates section from your navigational bar, this area of the footer will be blank.
  • What happens when site visitors comment on my Blog post? Every blog post comment will be sent to the designated email address for approval. For the safety of your ministry, no comment will be visible until you approve it.

Helpful Videos

Want to learn tips and strategies to use your church website blog to effectively communicate with your church members?

Listen to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 010  to learn why your blog is the #1 most underutilized feature of your church website! You'll come away with practical methods to increase communication with your church.

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